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Beaux Creative & Design's name was inspired by the early 20th-century aesthetic movement of the Beaux-Arts style, which started in France and made it's way to America where it was the major influence for the Chicago Worlds Fair. The French word "beaux" translates to "beautiful" or "handsome", which is a perfect embodiment of the work we strive to achieve.   

Taylor A. Baird - principle designer

Taylor A. Baird is the founder and creative of Beaux Creative & Design. A majority of his time in the industry has been spent at Universal Creative, Universal Studios Parks & Resorts design firm where he had the opportunity to touch many types of attractions, influencing the design props all the way to helping design one of their most prestigious theme park developments. From his unique experience combined with his diverse sets of skills he is ready to help on the path turning sparks of imagination into a reality!

Check out the in-depth portfolio of Taylor A. Baird at:

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